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Mouna's Full Session

Mouna's Full Session
Mouna's Full Session
 Mouna's Initial Conditioning- Mouna came to use for age regression therapy. We decided to do a full obedience conditioning instead. We use some classic hyp techniques and her eyes begin to roll up. She is only 18 and full of nervous energy so we took more time to test the conditioning. Examining her body. Telling her she is very sexually aroused and then inspecting her pussy to find it very wet then having her strip and pose and respond with "yes master"
Mouna's Erotic Nylons Mouna is dressed nicely in a skirt, and nylons. Sheis programmed to find the nylons against her skin to be orgasmically pleasurable, especially around her feet. She touches and caresses her self to orgasms and then we command her to REST. Then she is further programmed to masturbate her pussy through her nylons to more orgasms. Her pussy is quiet wet
Mouna's Age Regression Now we do what Mouna came her for, except we go way back. So far back she is gurggling and wearing a diaper. She rolls around making little goo goo noises and playing with her own hands and feet. We put her back under, move her to a "play pen" and bring hr up a few years. More rolling and playing, but then she needs to tinkle, she calls out to be taken to the poddy in "young talk" and when no one comes she has an accident that pours out of her diaper on to the floor. She is adorable and embarrassed by her accident
Full Service Robot WMVNow we finish with Mouna programmed as fully obedient robot. Answering her Master's every command. We have her pose and then have her vacuum. Now we activate her Blow Job Programming, first very mechanical, then imitating a "porn Girl" then she is told to get ready for master to cum, and she replies "robot ready to receive masters cum" and then she goes back to sucking until master cums and fills her mouth which she displays and swallows.
Next to continue with her full service programming she takes position and spreads her legs so master can fuck her. She slightly moans with each breath as master fucks her. When master begins fucking her faster she Informs him that "robot is going to cum master" and she does with a strong climax, but she maintains her position so master can fuck her just as he wants and then he cums on her while she obediently waits for him to be totally finished
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