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Ashley Anderson - Under the Influence

Ashley Anderson - Under the Influence
Ashley Anderson - Under the Influence

Rion comforts his study partner with some home made special tea when he learns she's having issues with her boyfriend. Not knowing why she's feeling a connection with Rion, she continues to drink the tea. Eventually, she begins to find herself very comfortable with Rion.
The tea puts the girl in a very suggestible state to receive orders, so he uses this advantage to make her give him a blowjob and to make her allow him to eat her pussy. He finally makes her agree to have sex in different positions (over the table missionary, over his lap reverse cowgirl, and against the table standing doggy, cumming over her face at the end).
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19 February 2018 07:21
Can u pls post Ashley Anderson scene Manipulating the gullible stepdaughter from PRimal Fetish?
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19 February 2018 12:52
Hi.I'll try
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4 March 2018 13:34
Hi I would also love to see her Primal - Manipulating the gullible stepdaughter scene if u have it!
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13 November 2018 04:40
Hi! Can you upload Ashly Anderson - Sweet Girl Dropped off at the Wrong House from Primal Fantasies pls? 
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17 November 2018 19:33
I'll try
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