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Honour 11

Honour 11
Honour 11
Honour returns for her 11th Entrancing visit, and the awesome, sexy, creative and hilarious moments come flying thick and fast! See the contents for the details.
Very definitely a Director's Choice.
0:10 Intro
3:05 Induction
5:10 Limp Check
6:05 Take a selfie and FREEZE!
7:30 Posing Frozen Honour
8:46 She’s flashing already… but let’s freeze her and show more off!
10:40 Sleep triggers are working nicely!
11:55 Hear a bell ringing? Flash and Freeze!
17:30 Mindless Mantra Pendant Focus
19:40 Lovestruck by the Pirate Hat
20:30 Copy-Cat Pirate Hat
24:40 Sleepin’ so hard she falls off the sofa and moons us!
26:10 Lecturer’s oblivious striptease
29:11 Pendant Captivation Nude Posing
31:45 Expression Control (Ahegao, Blank, Smile, Lust)
33:20 Derpy Zombie Walk
34:08 Clockwork Doll Totter
35:15 Sultry Slut Walk
36:45 Nude Honour thinks she’s dressed
37:45 Every Step towards me makes her more frozen
38:10 Closeup Frozen Doll Inspection
40:10 POV submission and surrender
40:25 … whilst masturbating
42:40 Self Sleep Trigger
43:10 HonourBot: Pose Mode
44:30 HonourBot: Joypad Control
46:40 Reading with Honour… whilst she obliviously teases herself
49:30 HonourBot Reprogrammed: Intelligence Reduction
50:40 HonoutBot Reprogrammed: Libido Enhancement
51:20 Tearing off her tights
53:30 Mistress Honour Foot Seduction
55:00 Mistress Honour Bosses us into dominating her (Syason’s idea.)
56:45 HonoutBot VR experience (Tied and teased)
59:30 Edging on Command
59:59 Orgasm Permission DENIED! (Sleeping instead)
1:00:50 Orgasm Permission GRANTED!
Hypno,Hypnosis,Hypnotized,Mind Contol,Mesmerize,Trance,Brainwashed
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Duration :01:01:15
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