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Violet Starr - Sisterbot HD

Violet Starr - Sisterbot HD
Violet Starr - Sisterbot HD

Violet has never thought much of her geeky brother. Always fiddling around with weird projects, Violet sees her brother Lucas as nothing more than an annoying loser. But she has no idea just how smart and innovative he really is. Lucas has had enough of her bitchiness and belittling, so he decides to test out his new behavior modification chip on her. He sneaks into her room one night to install the chip. The next day, he fires up the app on his phone to find the installation was a complete success. He can get her to do absolutely anything he commands, without question. Time to program a better sister. He creates the "Home Alone" protocol for Robot Violet, instructing her to strip naked, masturbate and blow him whenever their parents aren't home. The following day he visits her in her bedroom and activates the protocol, additionally commanding her to fuck him in missionary, cowgirl and doggy style before cumming on her stomach and putting her in sleep mode.

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