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Owned and Addicted

For my dedicated slaves desperately craving another dose, desiring to go     DEEPER into pleasure and addiction, DEEPER into my ownership, and of     course... be edged to the brink of oblivion the entire time. Fall into     subspace once again with me for your much-needed dose of my sensual, sweet     dominance, whispered into submission and vulnerability, all for me. Horny,     mindless, drooling, vulnerable... mine. Contains a sensual full-nude     striptease, addiction and ownership anchors and triggers, binaural tones,     and direct-to-camera plus layered audio. Very soothing and sexy, LOTS of     edging and JOI in this, plus an eventual countdown to orgasm. Contains     pink, too!

 File Size :617 MB
 Resolution :1920 x 1080, MP4
 Duration :00:28:18


Owned and Addicted.mp4

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