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Parasited - Birth with Emiri Momota (1080)

Doctor Renato is on another late night shift, they're usually quiet with     not much to do but this time it's entirely different. He has a patient who     is not showing any signs of life, an Asian girl Emiri Momota, nude, and     covered in some kind of slime. She is under alien mind control but he     doesn't know it yet, instead as a true doctor, he disregards all red flags     and goes straight to help the poor girl. He starts CPR and chest     compressions on her seemingly lifeless body but to no avail. She's still     not coming back or opening her eyes.

Doctor Renato can't do this all on his own, he picks up the phone and calls for assistance. Right as he's telling them to hurry up, the girl sits up and rushes over to him. He's relieved but Emiri's pale eyes startle the doctor. Instead of thanking him, the girl rushes over and grabs the doc. She puts him down on the chair like a wild beast toying with its prey. Emiri gets into his face and starts talking something in Japanese but of course, he doesn't understand.

Renato is still trying to do his job by telling her to stop that and lay back to bed but instead, she kneels before him and starts to pull his underwear down. Before he even mumbles a word out of his mouth, the girl is slobbering his stiff dick. He tries to move her away but she gets his hands out of the way and roars like a lion. Her mouth is wrapped around his tool, salivating all over it and blowing better than anyone ever has before, making the doc cum in her mouth in mere seconds.

She throws him over to the ground and spits some kind of translucent liquid into his mouth. The doctor gets paralyzed by it, and Emiri uses the situation to slip his already lubed cock inside her tight craving pussy. She's thrusting her hips, sliding his dick in and out of her, and making the doctor cum inside her. This time, however, there's even more jizz filling the pussy of Emiri. But is she satisfied with that, is that all she needs?

The fire is still burning inside herm this time even brighter than before, she needs more of his cum. Emiri gets to work once again, she slips that dick back inside her and continues to ride Renato until she's filled with yet another load of cum. As it's dripping out of her, the bewildered alien mind-controlled Asian plants her slit on Renato's lips and begins to grind. She reaches an orgasm, moaning loudly and secreting that same translucent liquid out of her slit to feed her sex slave with.

Her body has given up, she no longer has the     strength to carry on with the fucking and falls to the ground. Suddenly     something begins to change inside her, all the semen is bearing fruit and     she's starting to give birth to alien parasites. One after another they     crawl out of Emiri until she completely blacks out. The new alien life     form is instantly on the seekout for new hosts. They crawl away, looking     for the next victim to possess and spread their seeds.
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Parasited - Birth with Emiri Momota (1080).mp4

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