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Creep Doctor Mesmerizes Verta To Fuck His Assistant

Creep Doctor Mesmerizes Verta To Fuck His Assistant
Creep Doctor Mesmerizes Verta To Fuck His Assistant
Verta has come to see a therapist to help her get over her shyness and is surprised to find that there is another woman in the office for her appointment. The doctor tells her that his assistant Dixie will be helping out with her therapy while she is under his control and that it will be a helpful part of dealing with her problem so she agrees. He pulls out a talisman and has Verta keep her eyes on it while he swings it back and forth. He uses his smooth voice and suggestions to put her to rest and under his control. Once she is under the true nature of his therapy and Dixie's participation are exposed. They strip her naked and play with her limp body, groping her and playing with her pussy. The doctor then plants the suggestion in Verta that when she wakes up she will find Dixie unbelievably sexy and won't be able to control herself. Sure enough, when he snaps his fingers to wake her she goes straight for Dixie, burying her face between her legs and licking her pussy until she cums. Now it's the doctor's turn, he puts her resting again and tells her that she will not be able to resist sucking his dick. He snaps his fingers and she goes straight for his cock, swallowing it whole and with gusto. Finally for one last twist, he snaps his fingers to have her be aware of her surroundings but unable to resist as Dixie jerks the doctors cock off and makes him cum all over her face. The therapy is now over, but Verta is cured! She may be naked and covered in jizz but she isn't shy anymore and just needs to come back for regular check ups to keep it that way.

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