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Honour May Skypenotized 16

The beautifully elegant (and wonderfully raunchy) Honour May returns     (virtually) for our sixteenth Mind Control session. This time I     Skypenotize her at home.

Honour's been mesmerized so many times now that all it takes to drop her is a nod, and whilst i do enjoy watching her flump bonelessly to the floor, I take my time with my work, and there are a few nice slowwww melts into mindlessness, where she trances herself with her own finger, or goes from being frozen physically, to melting mind and body slowwwwly down, face going from frozen and fixed, past the point of being expressionless to looking like a mindwiped doll. Pretty damn hot!

ASMR whisper kink, "my name is Ahegao", mesmerized mesmerist, different dance styles, triggered sexdoll poses, hair freeze play and an extended Bimbofication scene, where Honour plays a hardass modelling company CEO who is mind controlled into becoming more and more junior and more and more of a Barbie doll.

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Honour May Skypenotized 16.mp4

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