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Ana Foxxx And Maya Woulfe Hostile Takeover 4k

Ana Foxxx and Maya Woulfe have had a long-standing rivalry between their businesses for years. One day, Maya arrives at Ana's office and offers a merger between their companies to save them. However, there's a catch - the new CEO would be Maya! Ana declines the offer and asks her competitor to leave. Before she leaves, she warns Ana that she has her way of getting the things she wants.

Soon, Ana finds this out the hard way! When she is in the bathroom, Maya appears out of nowhere and transfers an alien parasite inside her. Now, Ana has no choice but to do as her rival commands. They are locked in complete darkness, inside Ana's mind where Ana can do nothing but give herself pleasure!

Things reach an unexpected climax in the finale of their lesbian frenzy when Maya is consumed by Ana's pussy, hence Maya taking completely over her in a crazy unbirth scene! When Ana wakes up, she is more than willing to sign the merger and have Maya as her new CEO.
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