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Turn your brain off and jerk to me

Turn your brain off and jerk to me
Turn your brain off and jerk to me
Why are you here? You’re here to jerk, aren’t you? You’re here to turn off that little brain of yours to wrap your hand around that little cock of yours and jerk furiously to the image of my young, beautiful body, my beautiful face and my sexy voice. Well, today, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay. I’m giving you permission to turn your brain off. Actually, I’m turning your brain off right now, like an off button. Just shut it off. Shut it off and pay attention to my body, my mouth and the words coming out of it. Listen closely. Now get your dick out. It’s already hard, right? Yeah, you have permission to touch. Permission to touch, but don’t use your brain. Don’t use your brain, just let my words move you, control you. Jerk, ****. Watch my body, jerk. Watch my body move. Imagine what’s under all of this. Mmmm, does it feel good? It feels good to jerk, huh? It feels good to have a hot girl like me tell you how to jerk since you can’t do it yourself, little loser? That’s right, I just called you a little loser. In fact, I think you’re a fucking idiot. Yep, You’re a fucking idiot who has to be told how to jerk. For some reason, it feels better. And it feels better as I’m telling you how stupid you are — because that’s how much of a loser you are. It’s making your cock even harder, huh? Now keep stroking. That brain of yours is going to stay turned off. Turned off and ready to be manipulated, turned into soft, soft clay for me. You’re in my hands, squishy and soft. I can turn you into anything I want. You’re my little stroke slave. Keep stroking, horny loser. Keep stroking for me. Keep that brain off. You don’t need it. It’s empty anyway. This is what you do even when I’m not here to do it. You’re just a lonely little jerk off with no brain. You’re being told to turn your brain off but it’s off most of the time anyway, huh? Keep staring at my beautiful body. Keep listening to my sultry voice and the words coming out of my mouth. I’m driving you crazy, huh? Oh, you want to cum so badly. You’ve been so patient, listening to me. Listening to my words berating you for being so stupid. You’ve let those words seep into your mind since your mind is turned off. The only thing you are conscious to is my words. I’ve embedded those thoughts into your mind. Now I own your dick. I own your dick now, and I will own your dick after this clip. Now I get to decide when you cum. And I’m thinking it’s time now. But you have to obey. Don’t squirt before I say you can, or else you’re going to have to watch this in an hour and try again. Are you ready for the countdown, loser? Are you ready? Okay. Here we go. 10…9…8… Nope, not yet. Haha, let me tease you for a little longer. Just kidding, we’ll resume the countdown. Your weak little subconscious freaked out a little bit for a second, huh? Stroke. 10…9…8…7…6…5… Cum. Cum for me, stroke slave. Cum for me. Hah, you’re so easy. And despite all that I said to you, you’re going to keep coming back. You love your dick being owned, because you’re pathetic. Well until next time, loser.
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