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Impregnating Your Secretary

Impregnating Your Secretary
Impregnating Your Secretary
X Bellringer is at a job interview for a secretarial position at your company. She is a little concerned with some of the creepiness in the job requirements, but she can't say "no" to the interview when she looks at the pay she could be getting. She answers weird questions and gives into your strange request to get more relaxed. She suspects that you are trying to hypnotize her, but she doesn't believe it works. Soon enough though, she becomes hypnotized and is left gazing into your eyes with a blank expression on her face. You force her to blow you and cum inside her mouth, which she then spits into her hand. Then you fuck her and cum inside her while you still have her under total control. Before you end her trance, you make her forget everything you just did. She awakens none the wiser and is delighted to find that you have given her the job.
There is a lot of talk about impregnation (which should be obvious from the title) and how you are the only one who can fuck her. This is all under hypnosis of course.
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