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Madam Violet - PAWN Star

Deep trance, complete control. Take off all your clothes and get comfortable as I place your weak mind in an obedient trance state. As your cock gets harder your mind gets softer and it feels SO FUCKING GOOD to be a good boy for Goddess. To let go and slide down, to sacrifice your free will at My altar. With a count down and a SNAP you're DROPPED and commanded to stroke... STROKE!! With maximum effort. I want you to mean it, to grind your hips, to caress your cock, to moan and groan for Me, put on a show for Me! Show Me how you'd lick Me out! Like My obedient little PAWN star. Trance metaphor is POWERFUL and in this case it's literally true. Listen and stroke as I explain how you are nothing but a disposable pawn on the game board of MY LIFE. I will use you - take what I want then ignore, neglect, and dismiss you. It hurts but it's so HORNY to know you're nothing to Me. As you stroke I'm programming your mind to be ready to SACRIFICE everything for Me just so I can get one step ahead. You exist to be sacrificed for the QUEEN. And you want to be My fave, you need to by My pawn STAR. Then it's time to cum and like all good PAWN stars you'll cum on command, precisely when ordered to. As I trigger your orgasm I bring you out of trance ....a little less man, a little more PAWN...and with continued training I'm gonna make you a STAR. My personal PAWN star. Contains: mesmerise, mental domination, mind fuck, goddess worship, powerful woman, arrogant woman, trance metaphor, NLP, imbedded commands and psychological programming, masturbation encouragement, JOI, cum countdown, men following orders, female domination.  File Size :405 MB
 Resolution :1920 x 1080, MP4
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