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Alix Lynx Addicted To Your Virtual Homewrecker, All You Have To Do Is Press Play

Alix Lynx Addicted To Your Virtual Homewrecker, All You Have To Do Is Press Play
Alix Lynx Addicted To Your Virtual Homewrecker, All You Have To Do Is Press Play

sexy blonde Alix Lynx sitting on her bed wearing black see through stockings and black high heels. lingerie Normally a homewrecker is a woman you sleep with who fucks up your relationship, but in our case, we have something a little bit different. I might be a home wrecker but I'm strictly virtual. It's kinda pathetic actually when you think about it. You go behind your wife or gf's back and you lie and you don't even get to fuck me. All you do is jerk off for me. I'm your virtual homewrecker, and you are addicted to me.You are addicted to jerking off for me, you're addicted to my body, to my sweet voice. You know I'm on your computer screen whenever you want me. And you just can't get enough. You'd rather sneak away and jerk to me than fuck your wife or girlfriend. You're mesmerized by my hot young body and you need to hear my voice in your head as I mindfuck you to orgasm after orgasm. And you know the orgasms I give you are way better than when you fuck your wife. You're completely wrapped around my little finger. And I don't even know who you are, I don't even care who you are. And I'm fucking up your relationship, LOL!Does your wife or girlfriend look anything like me? No? I guess that's why you keep coming back. Better to jerk off to a hot young porn star than to fuck your ugly wife, right? I love teasing you and keeping you addicted, showing you my tight young pussy that you'll never fuck. It's so much fun knowing how many relationships I've ruined. I love knowing how much money I've taken from your wife. So go on, jerk it for me. Keep jerking it for me. Don't ever stop. Doesn't that feel so good?What would your wife say if she found out about your dirty little secret? I know just thinking about that gets you rock fucking hard. You love that rush you get each time you lie and go behind her back and jerk your cock to me. You come to me because you know you can relax and just jerk and be yourself with me, as I pull you in deeper and manipulate your thoughts. You love that I'm your virtual homewrecker, you love knowing I'm fucking up your relationship even though you'll never fuck me. How fucked up is that?Stroke it like a good boy for me. Show me how much you worship me. I know that with every word that I speak you're getting closer and closer to cumming. I know you too well, I know you better than your wife knows you. I know the real you and I've never even met you. I know your cock is throbbing in your hands for me. It's so hot how much power I have over you. You just can't seem to stay away from me. That's because I know you and I know what your weakness is and I know how to make you cum harder than your wife does. You need me. You better hurry and cum before your wife comes home.
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