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There is no limit to the lengths you will go for me. You would go poor, hungry, and homeless before saying no to me. You sacrifice your mind by taking the most lethal and addictive drug in the world. You want to worship and obey me, you NEED to worship and obey me. How much longer do you think you can handle yourself? Do you think you have the self control to keep yourself from overdosing on your addiction for me? Take the plunge, OVERDOSE! You can't control the urge!
Princess B hypnotizes you to overdose on her hypnosis.  She isn't wearing anything although you don't get to see any of her intimate parts :sad:
She moves seductively throughout the clip with her long blonde hair covering her tits and caresses her tits a thighs while telling you to give thanks with your wallet and pay her and get on your knees in worship.  Nothing else happens in this clip.
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