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Blackmail Seduction

Blackmail Seduction
Blackmail Seduction
Barbie Doll Financial Dominatrix  Breanna is one of the best. She really is a virtual Barbie Doll from the tips of her long dyed blonde hair, to her huge sexy fake tits, round silicon bubble butt, full collagen-pouty lips, long legs and down to her cute painted toes. Her bratty attitude will have you brainwashed to spend...spend...spend.
In this Femdom POV Blackmail Fantasy and JOI clip she is wearing a red body suit that shows off her cleavage and huge tits. She teases you with her body while giving you verbal instructions to email her all your personal information while you jerk off to her beauty. She gives you jerk off instructions and won't let you cum until you hit the send key, then humiliates you afterwards when you are her slave.  No Nudity No Sex
Breanna says:
"You promised you'd never hand your information over. You swore you would never let your addiction for me go that far. Unfortunately for you, I can see right through you. I can make you do whatever I want, and by the end of this video, I'm going to have your tiny little balls in a vice grip. Blackmail is so fun, for me that is!"
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