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Christiana Cinn - Ultimate Bitch Boss Training

Christiana Cinn - Ultimate Bitch Boss Training
Christiana Cinn - Ultimate Bitch Boss Training
Christiana is the biggest bitch in the company. She uses her looks and her position to dominate everyone around her.Secretary: Mr Masters is still waiting to see you, Miss Cinn.
Christiana: Tell him I am finishing a call. [15 minutes later] Okay, send him in.
Masters: Did I have the wrong appointment time? I have been waiting for over 30 minutes.
CHRISTIANA: Relax Matterson, I run the entire HR department here now. If you have to wait on me, you wait.
MASTERS: It's "Masters," and I have a job to do, too.
CHRISTIANA: Well Mathews, whether you have a job or not is actually depending on how this review goes.
MASTERS: "Masters"
CHRISTIANA: Whatever. Listen, company policy is that we have three of these meetings, but I can tell you, I might start putting a resume together if I were you.
MASTERS: A resume? I am the most efficient manager here.
CHRISTIANA: Well, your "efficiency" seems to have your female staff either making sexual harassment complaints or seeming unusually happy before having some kind of breakdown.
MASTERS: I don't know-
CHRISTIANA: I'm going to stop you there Mattock; consider this the first review. We're done. [After he leaves, she gets on her phone...]Day 2
CHRISTIANA: Okay, send him in.
MASTERS: You had me waiting for an hour! This is bull-
CHRISTIANA: [Holding up her hand] Please, please Mittens, use profanity at me so I can just skip this review process and terminate you.
MASTERS: I am sorry, I know you are just doing your job, I even got you a gift [spins wheel]
CHRISTIANA: Really? A bribe?
MASTERS: No, it's just this is something I use to help me RELAX
CHRISTIANA's eyes start to focus on the wheel. The training continues over the next three days...

Christiana gets brainwashed into wearing skimpy lingerie, stripping, masturbating on command, giving blowjobs and getting fucked doggy style like an obedient bimbo.
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