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Cory Chase - Spy Training

Cory Chase - Spy Training
Cory Chase - Spy Training

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Scene 1: The Phone Call
Cory is in a hotel room on the phone, "You need to leave, your cover is blown, help is on the way." Cory hangs up the phone and strips out of her clothes and moves to take a shower. Suddenly the door opens and a man comes in and belly punches her till she . He drags her away.
Cory is forced to talk and the two men will use all means necessary to get the information out of her
Scene 2: Shocking Truth
Cory refuses to talk, she will not give up any information and tells the pair to fuck off. They threaten to continue the pressure until she give up the information.
Scene 3: Tied to Talk
The final phase of the interrogation involves all holes abused and filed. No particular order is followed as Spy Cory's ass is invaded multiple times.
The men must return to base and give Cory one last memento to remember them. Cory is placed on her knees and mouth opened. She is given a mouth filling load of truth to remember them by.

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