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Hypno Ass Fuckery

Hypno Ass Fuckery
Hypno Ass Fuckery

Beautiful Femdom Divine Goddess Jessica  is dressed in a black thong body suit that shows off her cleavage, ass and pussy. She mindfucks you using subliminal video and audio effects, alcohol and poppers. She uses gentle hypnosis to mesmerize you so you will worship her ass. Surprisingly sweet humiliation - nothing harsh; you don't even mind her mocking you. No nudity.
"No induction. In this trippy hypn0sis session, I'll need to you have a bottle of poppers and a couple shots in front of you. Maybe you're not in the mood to get fucked up right now, but when the clip starts, you won't say no to me. You'll want to do whatever I say. As if my words and my pretty face aren't enough convincing, try saying no to my ass! I'll sweetly coerce you into a state of intoxication, gently humiliating you along the way."
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