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Lily Rader & Astrid Star - House Pet p1

Lily Rader & Astrid Star - House Pet p1
Lily Rader & Astrid Star - House Pet p1
Lily Rader got her wish and was adopted by her Master. She's a good little pet and wants to show Master she can share, so she finds sexy little fuckdoll Astrid Star at a stripclub and bring her home to Master. Lily wakes her and Master enters her mind, rewiring all of her wants and desires, "Soon you'll forget everything about yourself. Everything your do with be for his pleasure." Lily whispers as Master turns Astrid submissive. She fights as best she can, but there's no escape. Master lets Lily play with her new toy first. "Her tits so prefect master" Lily says with a nipple in her mouth, "I can't wait for you to taste them." Master lets them tease each other a little more and then he makes them to cum on command. "Thank you master" they moan. ----- Master wants to see just how good his new pet is and has the girls give him a lap dance before Lily goes down on him while he sucks on Astrid perfect fake tits. "Thank you master" Astrid whispers and moans in his ear. "I love you master" ----- Master has them get on their hands and knees so he can test fuck his new toy. He pulls on Lily's hair just to remind her that she'll be next as Astrid praises her new master, thanking him for using her. Next Master jumps over to Lily and makes her do the same before he lays back and lets his pet milk him with their mouths. ----- Master's pets devote themselves to his cock as they submissively prostrate themselves to him. "You own us master" Lily moans between deep throats, "we're not even people, we're property. YOUR property." Master makes them both show their devotion by making them beg over and over again for his cum. "We worship you" they repeats until he finally gives them what they need. Their tongue jutting out desperate to taste his load. They share his delicious cum with kisses until Lily says, "Welcome home sister

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