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Mind Fucked into Loving Boots

Mind Fucked into Loving Boots
Mind Fucked into Loving Boots
This slave boy has things that he likes & things that he doesn't like. He thinks that he can come to a Dominatrix & just get what he wants. Wrong! I delight in pushing boundaries & making boys do what they think they don't want to do. I have a lot of tricks to persuade men to do what I this case I have him keep his eyes on a magic necklace I swing back & forth while verbally bringing him into a relaxed & suggestive state. Once 'under' my spell I have him do the things he swore he wouldn't. I have him worship my boots & feet, he even gets aroused by it! It's all a part of the brain-washing. A male's tiny brain is no match for me. Men are so easily controlled...
Mistress T hypnotises a guy and makes him worship her boots. He smells the boots, kisses them, sucks the heels, and licks the soles. She has him remove one of her boots and he worships her foot for a bit. She then jerks the guy's cock until the guy pretends to cum on her boots.
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