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Mesmerized Foot Fetish Therapy

Mesmerized Foot Fetish Therapy
Mesmerized Foot Fetish Therapy

Gabi seeks therapy for overwhelming stress surrounding sex. She wants to be intimate but turns everything down thinking it all sounds like too much. She's come to Kayla for some deep reprogramming and sex therapy. Kayla is happy to take Gabi into a deep trance like state to drop her guard and open up her world to the pleasures of kinky foreplay. Kayla makes Gabi sniff her stocking clad feet, each time becoming more and more infatuated with Kayla. Gabi sniffs, kisses and licks Kayla's feet growing more and more excited and obsessed as she goes. Eventually Gabi is trying to deep throat Kayla's feet and is begging to masturbate.

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