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Dr. Mind Control - Jane Cane, Wade Cane

Dr. Mind Control - Jane Cane, Wade Cane
Dr. Mind Control - Jane Cane, Wade Cane
Jane comes into work and greets the therapist she works for. He has been wanting her for some time now. He specializes in getting people to stop smoking, but he wants to try something new and thinks Jane will be the perfect person to practise on. He knows she has issues with food and her weight and is self conscious about her body. He tells her he wants to try new mind control with weight issues and asks her if she'd like to participate. She is excited and gracious and accepts. In their first session, Dr. Cane has her take her shoes off and lie down on the couch to get comfortable. She does as he asks and he puts her under. He then asks her personal questions about her love life. She tells him that she enjoys masturbation more than sex because most men don't know how to touch her to her liking.
He tells her how much he likes looking at her legs and thighs and tells her he is going to put his hard cock between her feet. He asks her to masturbate while he gives himself a foot job. He cums all over her feet, cleans her up, tells her next time she feels his cock that she is going to beg to suck it, then brings her back. She can't believe she doesn't remember a single thing! The next day at work, Dr. Cane asks Jane how she feels. She felt great, and it wasn't food she was craving now. He suggests another session tonight and she is excited to be put under his spell again! Once he has Jane down, he tells her to take out his cock. Once she feels it, she immediately begs him to suck it. She gives him a nice, long blowjob and swallows all of his juices at his command. When she is brought back, she remembers nothing. Dr. Cane tells her to go home, relax, and they'll access the situation again in the morning. The next day, Jane is feeling great, she hasn't had any food cravings and is super excited to be at work. Dr. Cane tells her that tonight will be the last session. Once he has her under, he tells her to take her dress off and that he is going to fuck her. She wants him so badly. He fucks her doggystyle and cowgirl until he cums inside her pussy. He tells her to put her panties back on and get dressed. He also tells her that every day she's going to give him a blowjob in the office without being put under his control. She will crave his cock now. When he brings her back, she feels great. Dr. Cane tells her that she is cured and suggests that they go out to celebrate!
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