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Daisy Lynne in Brain Drain Abrogation

Daisy Lynne in Brain Drain Abrogation
Daisy Lynne in Brain Drain Abrogation
Scene One: Robyn trains Batgurl
Kingpin has noticed a shift in power in his city. All the super heroines have been taken over by Brain Drain. But he has a plan, recapture them the same way they were taken. He calls on Robyn to to recruit her old friend Batgurl, giving her a ring that will drain Batgurl of all thoughts.
Peppy Robyn springs into action, tracking down her friend and activating the ring. Batgurl's eyes go blank and she becomes even more submissive, obeying Robyn's command. Robyn's job is to take Batgurl back to Kingpin but a little fun before won't hurt. She makes Batgurl strip her top and worship her tits, getting off on the control. She's not a lesbian but she can't pass up the opportunity.
Returning her to Kingpin Robyn has done her task. With a look of pure evil Kingpin presses the ring and drains Robyn's brain off all thoughts, double crossing his once ally and now slave.
Scene Two: Batgurl Captures MegaBabe
Now with super heroines under his control he wants to add to his collection. Looks like MegaBabe is going to be having a class at the local university. He gives the ring to Batgurl to seduce her and bring MegaBabe under his control!
Batgurl walks into MegaBabe's classroom ring in hand and asks her questions. “I have work to do” MegaBabe says in frustration. “Can you just do me one favor before I go?” Batgurl asks and makes her look into her ring. Soon MegaBabe's brain is turned into jello.
Batgurl bends her over her desk and takes a look at masters new plaything. What a perfect ass she has, Batgurl thinks as she runs her gloved hands over Megababe. She needs to see those tits too. Megababe is exposed and touched, a complete air headed bimbo slave.
They both go back to Kingpin as willing sex slaves to his evil desires.


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