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Carmen Valentina - Son Gets a Private Show - Mom Finds Magic Ring

Carmen Valentina - Son Gets a Private Show - Mom Finds Magic Ring
Carmen Valentina - Son Gets a Private Show - Mom Finds Magic Ring
Can't Stop Dancing, Stripper
"Why am I dancing like a stripper?!" Mom asked in utter embarrassment. Her hands played with her purple panties before taking them off, then her body threw her harshly onto the bed. "I don't like this at all!" she cried, her big booty shaking obnoxiously. "This isn't funny!" Her hips shifted up into the air in a very sultry and provocative manner, then her legs shook like a stripper trying to get tips.
She begged and begged for you to take the ring off, then threatened to ground you if you didn't. Without your help, she would dance like a little whore all night long.and you'd enjoy every second of it. Of course, the ring was never intended for her, but somehow, this was far better than what you had planned to use it for.
This clip includes: Carmen Valentina, mom/son, POV, mom is cleaning up son's room & comes across a gift-box, she opens it out of curiosity & discovers a bulky, shiny ring, son comes in & catches her looking at it, mom tries to get son to tell her who it is for, son shies away from telling her any details about the ring, mom puts it on & it begins glowing and humming, she loses control of her body, hands move up & down her body, she panics & tries to take the ring off but can't, she can't stop dancing & stripping down in front of her son, embarrassment, embarrassed naked female, forced stripping, she begs for him to take off the ring but he just watches instead, tit groping, striptease, ass shaking, twerking, booty bouncing, body throws itself onto the bed, she puts on a show for her son, legs move & shake in the air like a stripper trying to get tips, hips shift up in a sultry & provocative manner, mom is mortified at what she is doing in front of her son, mom continues to beg son to take off the ring, then threats to ground him, son continues to watch her dance instead, uncontrollable body movement, MILF, PAWG, erotic magic, magic control, female training, older woman, mature, younger man, family, parents, ENF, humiliation, taboo, fauxcest, momma's boy, humor, funny, high heels, special effects, sound effects

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