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Miss Kelle Martina - Mindfucked Roommate

Miss Kelle Martina - Mindfucked Roommate
Miss Kelle Martina - Mindfucked Roommate
My roommate is such a prude. I don't care what she wants to do on a Saturday night, but when she tells me I'm dressed like a slut...that's where I draw the line! I have been wanting to do this forever! I pull a pretty crystal out from my cleavage and show her. "Isn't this pretty?" I tell her. The crystal swings back and forth and she can't look away. Before she knows it, she is completely under a trance. First things first...I make her strip for me. Her body is beautiful under all that modest clothing. I think I'll make her fall obsessively in love with me, worship my feet, and orgasm on command...just from a touch of my fingers...
I show my roommate exactly who is in control.  
Lesbian, Lesbian Domination, Mesmerize / Mind Control, Goddess Worship, Tit Worship, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Hypnosis, Mind Control.
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