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Taylor May - Trained to Fill Any Position

Taylor May - Trained to Fill Any Position

Taylor May - Trained to Fill Any Position
Taylor is a very smart but soft-spoken young lady with a bachelor's degree in business and a confident but modest style. Many of the other girls she graduated with found jobs almost instantly when they used an employment consulting firm. Having heard rave reviews about the positions her classmates got through Masters Executive Employment Agency, she decides she simply has to get in on this incredible opportunity. The agency has a 100% placement record, and all of their clients are high-end CEOs and executives. With such high standards and only considering the most qualified women, Taylor comes in ready to do what it takes. But before going on any interviews, the agency must make sure that Taylor is trained to fill any position a potential employer may want her in.
Each day she returns, building on the previous day's lessons. With the help of some relaxation techniques, some roleplay and masterful training, her new skills quickly turn from instruction to instinct. They just don't teach you what it takes in school these days.
Trained to use her mouth when her new boss is stressed

Trained to let her boss "pound out" his frustrations on her

Trained to give up EVERY hole an perform in ANY position
In this scene taylor may is "hypnotised" into wearing sexier and sexier clothes, and made to perform various sex acts first. first stripping than masturbating
than blowjob, conventional sex and finally anal
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