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3 Girl Lesbian Mind Control Session p1

3 Girl Lesbian Mind Control Session p1
3 Girl Lesbian Mind Control Session p1
This is an hypnosis session where Fukka, Ms Lollipop and Brooke Johnson participated together. 3 different versions of this session were released, being that last 10minutes, the only difference between them. The version I bring, is the one that is sold in Miss-Lollipop´s store. Here is the summary she wrote in her webstore.
"The first 24 minutes of our 3 girl lesbian mind control session are the same and VERY HOT (which is why we agreed to include it in all our versions of the experience). Watch us go under, and strip out of our masks and dresses as our minds turn to mush for our Master. The last 10mins or so is my time being put under using trigger words. Our Master keeps Me and Brooke under using our trigger words and lets Fuuka have her way with Me while Brooke joins in as commanded. I am made into a mindless toy, and experience waves of pleasure. Then Ka appears on the screen and we all begin swaying, completely entranced by the music and motion, feeling him squeeze us and penetrate us until all three of us have an incredible orgasm. Thank you to Fuuka for editing this footage for us!! She did an amazing job. If you want to see when it is Fuuka and Brooke's turn being dominated during this lengthly mind control session check out XFuukaX and BrookeJohnson's pages to buy their videos!"

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