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Molly Jane - Supernatural SisterSex

Molly Jane - Supernatural SisterSex
Molly Jane - Supernatural SisterSex
I found a strange old book the other day at the local library. It was propping up an old rickety shelf in the back, but it didn't belong to the library. And it was full of weird writing in a language I've never seen before, and had many pictures of perverted sex acts that I was unfamiliar with. My sister Molly walked in on me reading it and asked what I was doing. I explained to her that I found what seemed to be a spell book to make someone a sex slave. She said that was ridiculous and laughed at me. I told her she was probably right, but I suggested she recite a passage, just for fun.... After that it's cocksucking, rimming, solelicking and fucking in all sorts of positions, finished of with a facial.

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