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Amber Alena - Trance Therapy

Amber Alena - Trance Therapy
Amber Alena - Trance Therapy
Session 1: Amber Alena is all smiles and bubbly sweetness when she arrives at the good doctor's office, but she can't for the life of her, remember WHY she's here. The doctor explains that that Trance Therapy can dig into her subconscious mind and find the answer. She lays back on his sofa and gazes into his Trance Light. Soon she's under his spell and begins to remember. She was doing a camshow when a man asked for a private. Thats when he showed her a pretty light from his webcam. The light made her feel SO good and the man made her feel even better. And that man, was the Doctor! She remembers it all now, she needed to come here and now she needs to be his fuckdoll. He opens her top and squeezes her giant fake tits. They're so huge we can barely grip them in his hand. They're round, fake and perfect, better than he could have hoped for. She keeps looking into the light as he sucks, licks and buries his face between them, all while she gets more and more turned on. Soon she's begging to cum from him just sucking on her giant tits. She spits into her cleavage so his cock disappears between those glorious orbs as he titfucks her. She promises to be a devoted little fuckdoll for him, anything he wants, all she wants is to serve and worship him until he cums and it drips from her cleavage to her neck. --

Session 2: Amber is dressed in a pink bikini that doesn't even come close to holding her giant fake tits. The doctor is pleased and begins. She sits on his lap as master plays with her tits, finishing her programming. She's not a person anymore, she's a little blowup doll, a sex slave, ready and willing to do anything for her master's pleasure. She rides him. She takes it from behind. She lays back while her sues every inch of her body until he fucks those ginormous fake tits one last time and cums between them. 
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