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Bailey Base - Gets Proper Exam

Bailey Base - Gets Proper Exam
Bailey Base - Gets Proper Exam
Bailey Base shows up to her yearly physical during the Covid crisis. She lets Dr. Lawless exam her body and she opens up to the Doctor about her fear of Covid. Dr. Lawless uses his knowledge and charm to assure her that she has nothing to worry about as long as she avoids all the fraternity parties, football games, late night bars, and gang bangs. Bailey just laughs and tells the Doctor that she is a good College girl and that she is still a virgin. The Dr. sees his cahnce to tap that ass, so he tells Bailey that he is in fact immune to the virus and that the cure is living in his body. He then gives her some BS story about how he he can give her the antivirus through a medical procedure that involves sexual intercourse. He explains that the cure lives inside his sperm. At first Bailey isn’t sure, but once the Dr. assures her that she will still be classified as a virgin because it’s a medical procedure, she is all in. The Dr. proceeds to fuck her six ways from Sunday then he shoots his load inside her tight pussy. When they are all finished Bailey is super happy and thanks him for being such a great hands on Doctor.

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