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Nylon Foot Mesmerizing Schoolgirl[

Vonka stops by her teacher, Ms. Comet's classroom to discuss her grades. As the teacher discusses Vonka's assignment and assures her the grade was fair, she's caught off guard when Vonka puts her feet up on her desk and casually removes her sneakers. As Ms. Comet finds she has a hard time looking away from Vonka's nylon covered feet, Vonka encourages her to look deeper and deeper into her wriggling toes and mesmerizes her. With her teacher now under her spell, she commands her to worship her feet. Ms. Comet gets on her knees in front of Vonka's desk and starts licking her soles, sucking on her toes and putting Vonka's foot in her mouth. After a while, another student, Cadence enters and is shocked by what she sees. She asks Vonka what is going on and Vonka explains that she's mesmerized the teacher with her feet. Cadence laughs and tells her that that isn't possible so Vonka raises one of her feet and mesmerizes Cadence as well. Cadence gets on her knees next to her teacher and they both worship Vonka's feet. After awhile, Vonka is satisfied and snaps them both out of their spells but not before implanting another instruction for them to worship each other's feet instead. Vonka snaps and Cadence and Ms. Comet get up as if nothing has happened, cross to the desk and start worshipping each other's feet as Vonka looks on pleased.  File Size :856 MB
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