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Futa Possessed

Tina brings a reluctant Cadence to an old abandoned house to explore and Cadence begins to have second thoughts as they walk through the creepy basement, especially when Tina tells her she's heard the place is haunted. When Tina rushes off to explore the upstairs they get separated and eventually Tina ends up alone in the attic. She's a bit disappointed as it hasn't been that scary at all so far but then she sees a strange figurine that seems to be blinking at her and calling her to it in some otherworldly way. She picks it up and immediately feels tingly and weird all over. As she tries to drop it she finds that she can't. The power of the figure throws her to the ground and freezes her in place as a strange, ethereal form emerges from it. The ghostly specter thrusts her legs open wide and slides up her skirt. Although it has no form she feels it licking her pussy and then thrusting itself inside her and fucking her. As she screams out at the odd mixture of fear, pain and pleasure it finally squeezes itself completely inside of her leaving her in a pile on the floor. Cadence finally catches up to Tina and is shocked to find her splayed out on the floor. She rushes to her and helps her up. Tina grabs at her stomach complaining of severe abdominal pain as Cadence takes out her phone and tries to find a signal to call for help. While Cadence's attention is on her phone, Tina suddenly stands up straight and her eyes begin to glow. She has been possessed by the specter and is now hungry to do the same to Cadence. She tackles Cadence onto the floor and gets on top of her licking her all over her face and neck and shoving her tongue down Cadence's shocked mouth. Tina freezes Cadence in place and makes her legs open as she gets between them and begins to lick her pussy. Cadence is confused and scared but can't help in her frozen and helpless state to give in to the pleasure form Tina's tongue. Tina then sits back and lifts her skirt to reveal a giant Futa cock where there had not been one before. Cadence squeels out, "What is that?!" as Tina gets on top of her and slides her huge Futa cock into Cadence's pussy. As Tina fucks her, Cadence's eyes begin to glow as she is being possessed as well. Now she wants nothing more than that huge cock in her pussy as she fucks Tina back enthusiastically. They strip each other's clothes off and continue fucking with Tina on top before switching to doggy style where Futa Tina shoots her huge load into Cadence's pussy. The enormous creampie drips out of Cadence as she eagerly flips around to make out with Tina. Suddenly, as they are kissing, both women fall to the floor. The Futanari Specter flies out of them and rejoins itself before leaving them there. They come to, back to their normal selves, trying to figure out what the hell just happened and quickly gathering their things to get out of this forsaken house.
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