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Brainwashing the Cheerleader - Ludella Hahn

The football game has ended, but for POV, the game is just beginning. He approaches curvaceous cheerleader Ludella who is saying goodbye to the other cheerleaders. She tries to brush him off, but he says he'd like to ask her a question: will she go to homecoming with him? He's certain she'll say no, but he's kind of hoping for it, too, because he has a back-up plan.

He wasn't expecting for her to laugh in his face though. "WHY would you think I would go with YOU? To homecoming? Yeah, we have one class together, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm POPULAR and you are a LOSER. Hahaha! Alright, well...I'll see you in class." Before she can go, you tell her you want to show her something. "Haha...what? Your LOSER card?" She laughs in your face again. But then her eyes go blank when you show her the spiral app on your phone. She's instantly entranced, staring blankly ahead while you begin to reprogram her into an obedient plaything.

"Yes...I am falling...under your...control. I MUST OBEY...your every command. I am mesmerized. I MUST OBEY. I must obey my MASTER. and YOU are MASTER. When you snap your fingers, I will return to normal, but I will still obey my Master."


She blinks her eyes and looks around, confused as to why she seems to have lost some time but has no recollection of what just transpired. "What...did you show me? Um...that was weird...I don't even remember." She's feeling nervous and tells POV she's just going to leave, but you command her to stay. Her feet get stuck in place and she's unable to move forward even though her upper body is still trying, her legs are obeying YOU and not HER. :What did you do to me??? Why can't I move?!" She demands. "It's like my feet are stuck to the ground. Okay, this is so weird. Did you put glue on the ground or something?" She struggles to move, and POV takes the opportunity to lift up her skirt. "Stop it! What are you doing? Don't touch me! WHAT? No...I will not do a sexy dance for you! Why on earth would I just--GASP! What? Why are my feet moving all of a sudden? They were just stuck! Why am I dancing? Did you put some kind of spell on me?"

Ludella sways her hips and shakes her ass and pompoms for POV. Even though her mind is resisting it, her body OBEYS his commands. "How are you doing this to me? WHAT? No, I will not show you my tits--GASP!" She lifts up her top to show her big tits to POV. She's horrified that her body is obeying him and her eyes go wide. "No! Stop! Stop it!" She bounces her boobies up and down. "Ugh! Someone might see...and think that I'm doing this willingly. My reputation will be ruined!" But she can't stop shaking her big boobies up and down. "No, no! Don't you dare touch them. Ugh! No!" POV squeezes her big tits and gives them a couple of slaps. "Ugh! Why can't I stop you? Why can't I--" SNAP.

Her eyes go blank. "Yes, Master...I must obey." Her hands go out in front of her like a zombie and she paces back and forth repeating mantras of her servitude to POV while staring blankly ahead. After a while, she stops in place. "Yes, may play with my big juicy cheerleader tits. They are YOURS, Master.Yes, Master...I love when you touch my big tits..." After groping and squeezing her boobs, he commands her to act like his good and loyal pet. She willingly obeys, dropping down to all fours. She wags her bottom and sticks out her tongue. Her boobs are still out and they shake and wiggle and bounce as she moves around playfully.

Next, he has her kneel in the slave position while he gives her the next command. She had been so concerned about anyone seeing them together...and now he's going to make sure that if they will be something they talk about. "Yes, Master...I will do a sexy striptease for you. I must take off my entire cheer uniform right here, right in the open, so that everybody knows my body belongs to you now, Master. I must obey." She begins to strip out of her uniform and shiny pantyhose, moving around sensually for her Master. "Yes, Master...My body belongs to you, Master. ALL OF ME belongs to you, Master."

Once she has stripped down to fully nude, she gets back in the slave position on her knees. "Yes, Master...when you snap your fingers, I will become your personal cheerleader bimbo." SNAP! Her eyes light up when she sees POV. "Oh, are SO SEXY." She giggles, getting playfully on all fours and gazing up at POV with immense lust and admiration...worshiping him. "Oh, Master...of course I'll go to homecoming with you! How could I not? You're the sexiest man I've ever seen! All I want to do is serve you, Master. All I want to do is OBEY." She picks up her pompoms and begins to do a cheer for her Master for everyone to see. "O-B-E-Y! I must obey!" She repeats as she moves her pompoms around, and ends with a high kick and some boob bouncing.

She shimmies her tits back and forth, giggling playfully. "I'm yours, Master. Please take me and mark me as your loyal slave." She gets down on her knees with her big booty toward POV and whips her ponytail. "Take me, Master, to show everyone that I'm YOURS." She grins as POV squeezes her bum and breasts before pushing her onto all fours with her big butt toward him. It doesn't matter that she once rejected him. Now, she's eager to please him. It all works the end. ;)

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