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Johnny Controls Soldiers Wife With Mind Stone

Lieutenant Johnny is home from the war. He did his duty in the jungles of Asia and made it out alive. He still has possession of the Mind Control Stone, Conscience. Once he got home, the first thing he did was visit the the wife of one of the soldiers that screwed him over, Michele James. Unfortunately, Michele's husband went missing while in the jungle and did not return to the base camp. The jungle changes you, and so does the Mind Stone. Michele doesn't know that Johnny used the Mind Stone on her husband so he would not return. Johnny had seen a picture of Michele in her husbands wallet. Right then he knew he had to have her. Michele's busty tits, flawless skin, long brown hair and firm body. so perfect. Johnny breaks the news to Michele that her husband is MIA. Using the stone to put her under a special entrancement state, he gets the blow job he always wanted and blows his load all over her perfect tits.
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