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Permanent Positions – Jasmine Wolff and Dakota James

Jasmine has been working for a few weeks as a temp when her Supervisor     comes in and offers her a gift to celebrate her being brought on into a     PERMANENT position. He seems a bit odd but harmless and Jasmine happily     accepts the Necklace he gives her after he explains it is actually from     the company and not an inappropriate gift from him.

Later that day Jasmine is getting headaches and having trouble focusing. She new boss comes in and starts to talk about the job he used to have with a company doing advanced research for the military and "mind control" devices and Jasmine isn't sure if he is joking or not, he rambles about using the technology to get ahead, and it only working on woman and making slaves to work for him and Jasmine thinks he is more than just odd but as he explains that each time he uses the necklace she is wearing to override her mind and compel her to obey the more she will become naturally obedient she gets concerned, but it is too late.

Dakota is so     excited about her new temp position, and even though the other girl is     running around in her bra and panties for "casual Friday" she can't afford     to pass on the job. So when her supervisor comes into tell her she is     being brought on PERMANENTLY and to give her a necklace as a welcome     aboard gift from the company she is very happy.
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