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Ashlynn Taylor Lola Leda - Freshman Foot Mesmerizes Senior.

Ashlynn is a senior with an unforgiving arrogant personality. She's     inexcusably rude and bossy to freshman Lola. Lola has tolerated this long     enough is is tired of being stepped on and belittled. Her feet are     exceptionally stinky, and she manages to get Ashlynn on her knees for one     good sniff! Once she inhales the stench, Ashlynn is at a loss for words,     thought, and basic functioning. The only words she can mutter are     affirmations following Lola's commands. Ashlynn willfully obeys in her     mindless trance as Lola makes her smell, kiss, and lick her stinky feet;     all while taking photos as blackmail against cruel Ashlynn. To add insult     to injury, Lola rouses Ashlynn just as she's foot deep. Ashlynn gags in     disgust but is quickly silenced by Lola who flaunts evidence of all of     Ashlynn's dirty foot worshipping deeds.

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