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Diane Chrystall : Kaa's Mesmerizing Gaze Brain wash Egg laying Mind Control

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 In this video the giant snake Kaa ( from jungle book ) escaped from the research facility. The town is on high alert as news spreads about his dangerous abilities. The evil snake was held there to research his ability to mesmerize people with his gazing eye. As the clock strikes midnight, you hear some strange noise from downstairs. It's coming from your stepmom's room. Heart pounding, you follow the sound, only to witness Kaa, with his mesmerizing gaze, wraps around her, ensnaring her in his power. Your stepmom struggles to break free, but Kaa's influence takes hold. You hide behind the door and watch Kaa completely brainwash your stepmom. Without her free will she obeys Kaa and does everything he says. You witness Kaa's thick cock penetrates Diane's tight pussy and inseminates her. You see Kaa pumping your stepmom full of his huge eggs. You can see the eggs traveling through the giant cock and Diane's belly inflates bigger and bigger in size as the extreme amount of eggs fill her up. When she can't take any more and her belly is fully bloated she starts laying Kaa's eggs... Can you save her? You need to see this! Watch this video now! 
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