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Bianca - Controlled [1080p]

We start off by showing her training session, then I perform a few deepening routines and make her believe she's stuck to the sofa. Keep in mind, Bianca's english is broken... but she ends up being one of my favorite subjects to work with. Then we perform a number of freeze stunts; and when Bianca freezes she freezes hard. She is stuck, can't move; and as I pan in to her body, and face I realize she is so gone that her eyes start tearing - and tearing alot.. then I realize her nose is running, and keeps running, as her mouth start drooling; as drool starts dripping out of it uncontrollably. By far one of the best freeze subjects ever! A must have at this price if you don't have the videos, or you are missing some parts of it. Including the full PROGRAM segment, this discounted 2-hour video includes the following:

Wake Up Stuck
Welcome brand new model, Bianca. She comes from Finland, and I had some concern about the language barrier; but as it turned out she understood what I was saying very well, and she really wanted to try my training session. So, after a quick test; I determined she would be trainable very easily.. as you can see, I start this video after training her, and she is coming back to life... then I convince her that her ass is stuck to the sofa.

First Freeze
In our clip, we have Bianca being trained... I take extra time training her because of the potential language differences. English isn't her first language, but it doesn't deter me from training her! As you start watching, you'll see her in a training state, and then as I bring her out of it; she feels refreshed and good... then I say the magic word "FREEZE" and she's stuck. You can see in her eyes and facial expressions how when she first freezes she's stopped.. but then as the time goes on, her expression and eyes get more and more gone. I love it when someone reacts this way to my suggestions, but you can see her mind slowly going away as she freezes... eyes very glassy, and expression goes from a lively person to just blank.

As simple as the title is, this clip is Bianca... trained, and frozen solid. Enjoy watching her get frozen, posed, and moved around while not realizing what is happening to her.

Freeze Undress
Bianca is so well trained, that it rather surprises me due to our language differences. English isn't her first language! Anyhow, here I have her frozen in place, as I start to undress her; exposing her beautiful breasts for all of us to see in plain sight.

Freeze Dressed
Now, you may think I'm going backwards here; but don't worry... I freeze her in place while she's topless, and place her shirt back on - without her bra. She wonders what is happening, then I freeze her again and place her bra on her on top of her shirt! But don't worry again, I get her naked very quickly again..

Bra on Top
In this clip, we have her frozen while I place her bra on top of her shirt. She is kinda shocked, wondering why all her clothing is re-appearing! But its only temporary! :) As we end, we get her completely topless again, and frozen. she has the best frozen look ever, her eyes are completely empty and her expression gone. Enjoy.

Freeze Pt 2
Here we have Bianca continuing to freeze on command. What can I say, I just love to freeze her, as she gets stuck so easily and beautifully.

Super Freeze
I hope you all are enjoying watching Bianca as much as I enjoyed working with her. Here, I have her in a super freeze, and I keep her there for an extended period of time. You can see, the longer she freezes the more her body lets go, as you see her eyes starting to tear up.. and eventually she starts drooling uncontrollably, and liquid starts flowing from her nose and mouth. She's truly stuck, unable to move or even control her body flowing. Quite .

Sofa Stuck Freeze
Ok, Ok... Bianca is the freeze queen. I love freezing her, as you can probably tell... also, I'm new to working with someone that doesn't have english as a first language. But she is reacting so well to all my suggestions so far, and here I have her stuck to the sofa yet again, and each time I snap my fingers she feels a poke in her butt.. Then I freeze her in place, and slowly remove her shirt exposing her wonderfully beautiful breasts

Frozen Drool
As I've said before, Bianca is awesome. Once she's frozen, she loses all touch of what is happening, as you can tell by her uncontrollably drooling and tearing. Here, I have her frozen in place sitting down, and as she stays stuck her body slowly lets go; as you can see by her drool starting to drop down her mouth; and then I position her body so her hand catches it... as not to make much of a mess. :) Yes, I'm nice like that. LOL... Enjoy this amazing scene.

Frozen Pose
I don't know how many times I can repeat myself here, but Bianca's freezes are amazing. I know, I know; stop saying that your probably thinking... BLANK! hahaha, now your not thinking anything. Just kidding. Anyhow, here we have Bianca posing for us in various ways, strutting her stuff; and then I put her to rest, do some close-up eye checks, and then wake her up and freeze her in a quite interesting pose, and pan across her body.

I now make Bianca laugh uncontrollably when ever I snap my fingers, even if nothing is funny. Watch and enjoy how she turns something normal into something really funny and starts laughing at it.

Bad Smelling Freeze
I don't know why I myself like this, but I make Bianca believe that when I snap my fingers I start to smell very badly. Each time I snap my fingers, switching from smelling nicely to badly. Watch as she responds pretty entertainingly to me as I smell good or bad.. and then finally I freeze her - simply because I can.

RED Pleasure
Now we are fully sure Bianca is completely trained, and receptive to my schooling. Here we have her believing that when ever I say the word RED she feels intense sexual pleasure and has to start touching herself. Enjoy it as she goes at it, not really understanding why its happening; but it is.

Naked Photographer
Bianca is now trained to believe when ever I snap my fingers, she sees all my clothes disappear leaving me completely naked... then when I snap my fingers again, my clothes reappear. Watch as she explains what happens, and is kinda shocked as to why I'm getting naked in front of her; as that's not too cool. lol.. then I freeze her a bit, and pose her in weird ways.

Sexy Posed
Here in this interesting clip, we have Bianca freezing as you know I love to do; and while she's frozen I pose her in various sexy and erotic positions.

Snap Sex
In this clip, we have Bianca fully trained as you well know by now; and when ever I snap my fingers she feels super sexy and has to start playing with herself. Enjoy and watch as she starts masturbating, and rubbing all over herself.

Sex Stuck
Bianca is now made to masturbate herself, over and over; and while she does this I freeze her at various points, and move her around, and play with her while she's frozen.

Freeze Aware
Bianca is now trained to freeze when I snap my fingers, but this time she is still aware and can see and talk. I start the video off with her frozen normally, then put her to rest and then initiate the freeze aware. Enjoy as she is confused wondering why she can't move! :)

In this final clip with Bianca, we have her resting... while she's, we are playing with her body a bit, doing a close up of her face, checking her eyes, and lifting her head exposing her neck... then we bring her out of it.. she still doesn't recall what has happened today, until I shake her hands.. then she will remember all. Enjoy as you see the shock in her eyes and face when I ask her to shake my hand.                                            
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