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Controlled in Fetishland - Mesmerized Appliance Store

Hannah Perez, Sinn Sage and Summer Hart are relaxing at home. They talk about bad customer service experiences with “Highbrow Electronics”. They decide to get ready for bed.
Summer Hart enters her bedroom, disrobes until fully nude, and settles into bed. Hannah disrobes until nude in her room, then leaves for the bathroom and gets her toothbrush in hand.
Sinn enters her bedroom, disrobes until nude, then receives phone call.
Summer rests, when a strange noise is heard and she’s enveloped by glow. She’s mesmerized, and straightens up with arms outstretched and wide eyes. Gets out of bed and exits the room.
Hannah exits her bathroom, also mesmerized, holding her toothbrush. She walks out of her bedroom and falls in line behind Summer.
Sinn, still on the phone, is enveloped by glow and starts repeating lines. She drops her phone and exits the scene with arms outstretched.
Hannah, Sinn and Summer walk in line and in a circle, all repeating the same mantra over and over. They march towards the exit chanting in unison.

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