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This was a great shoot with two lively ladies who were huge amounts of fun to work with. Portia we’d worked with before, and it’s always a pleasure seeing where her mind takes her. This time she’s sporting a sexy vintage up-do haircut. (She looks different every time we work with her!) Sorry long-hair lovers! (But not sorry for long because…)
Rachelle was an absolute blast to work with too. Sweet, funny, creative, flirty, gorgeous as hell, and with a bottom to for! (She also sports really long blonde hair for those of you that like your long-haired ladies) She was a fantastic subject and it’s really *really* sexy seeing the pair of them snapping their fingers in front of each others faces turning the other girl’s mind off and on.
This doesn’t quite get my Director’s Choice rating as there were a couple of distractions, we ran a bit long on shooting the stills, drinking cups of tea and chatting before the shoot and I fluffed up the camera angle slightly in the last section, (The camera the girls were actually talking to wasn’t recording, the other one picked them up fine, they just appear to be talking off camera as opposed to directly to the audience.) and we ran out of time so were unable to do a closing chat. Nothing major though, just not as perfect as I’d like it to be.
In every other respect, a pretty great shoot. Highlights for me would be…
Girl Gamer Rachelle telling us later that she’s a dude called “Phil”
Portia’s parrot noises and Rachelle’s reactions.
The ladies reactions to having their mouths stuck shut.
Rachelle’s face when she finds her mouth stuck open.
Their reactions to hypno-tickling.
How powerful their mental off switch is.
Rachelle’s bottom. :P
In case you haven’t picked up on it, whilst it doesn’t quite get my Director’s Choice award, Rachelle *does* win my new “Director’s favoured bottom” award. Honestly. It’s perfect. You have to see it!

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2 April 2019 04:42
can we please get a reupload?

can we please get an reupload
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2 April 2019 20:10
Link available for download.Try again

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