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Anastasia Rose 1

Anastasia Rose 1
Anastasia Rose 1
Anastasia Rose Clip One
Letting go for the first time
Anastasia Rose, horny nineteen year old brunet, was a delight to "play" with. Yes, she was a bit skeptical but also very open to the idea to experience pleasure in a very different kind of way. One look at her pictures makes it clear that our little girl is cute, sexy and very tempting. Needless to say, she knows very well how men react to her, which makes her get her way almost every time but today. I am sure you all know what I mean by this so go ahead and catch another hot, real and intense one.
Towards the end, I just had to start exposing some of her "goodies", perform an eye check and.... Body language, slow closing flickering eye lids.....
Anastasia Rose Clip Two

Manipulated and played with
My mind is under your control master
Unblinking stares, repetition of mantras, intense masturbation, forced orgasm training, yes masters and lots more.
Sometimes it is important to let the subject know and feel that the harder they try to stay in control, the more they lose it. Looks like my hunch was right. As soon as she felt ok with what was happening, she opened up and it just flooded out of her. Her body started to go from slightly quivering to convulsions in only a short time. Of course I take my time to mess with her, inspect her tits, pull her panties tightly into her wet pussy. Anastasia's hands flutter, her body quivers like a leaf and I can feel she is giving up all resistance.

Anastasia Rose Clip Three
Your mind is bound and...
Feel your pussy in your navel
This next one shows our horny girl being ordered to masturbate while being placed in a somewhat uncomfortable situation. It is important for the subject to learn that pleasing and serving their master is more important than their own comfort and or pleasure. Anastasia goes nuts and before long she starts to beg me to let her orgasm. Time to drop her back into deep mindless stillness for some more programming. Now we transfer all of what she normally feels in her pussy (when touched and or penetrated) all the way up into her navel. In other words, when touched in her navel, she feels touched (and eventually orgasmed) in her pussy.
Towards the end, we get to enjoy watching a completely zoned out and blankly staring girl being moved like a puppet on strings. Her arms go up and down as if she was flying while her body.....

Anastasia Rose Clip Four
First we enjoy watching her seductively and mindlessly pose and eventually strip dance for us. Suddenly her body freezes up in midst of her dancing. Her unblinking eyes stare into nothingness while I make her feel touched. I decide to slowly drive her up the wall for lust before pushing a vibrator on her clit. Needless to say, she is for-ced to orgasm before she even knows what hits her.
It all ends with our deeply entranced beauty repeating a mantra while in the sleepwalker position. I am here to be trained master. Too much going on to list it all.
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