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Hime & Aspen Music Video

Hime & Aspen Music Video
Hime & Aspen Music Video

2 Girls think they are shooting a music video, but things aren't what they appear.
Scene starts off with 2 girls dancing together, soon they are touching each other and making out.  Hime starts to wonder what is happening and Aspen says lets ask the producer.  They begin to kiss and make out with him. Then the start rubbing his cock and before you know it, they both start sucking his cock, but Hime feels a need to resist, so to clear her head, she lies down on the floor and starts to masturbate while Aspen continues to suck him.  He cums in her mouth, then she take it to Hime and shares it with her.
Before you know it, both girls are blowing him again and calling him master, and Hime is thanking him for letting her to suck his cock.  This continues until he blows again for both of them.

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