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Cum Hungry Succubus

Cum Hungry Succubus
Cum Hungry Succubus
For the past few weeks a sickness has been sweeping through the village. For some reason the woman have not been affected. But every morning another able bodied man has been found laying in his bed...alive...but somehow not alive. Their eyes are vacant and empty...they cannot speak...they cannot move...they do not seem to respond to sight nor sound nor touch. Every morning another man falls under this strange illness. Mothers weep for their sons and pray for God to restore them...but alas...the poor things all perish 3 days after taking ill. From the moment the very first man took ill, the elder women of the village have warned of what truly lays behind these mysterious tragedies. "Succubus" they whisper. "You must resist temptation!" they shriek. "She will come in the night to take your soul!". Legends of the succubus have been passed down for thousands of generations. They say she is a demon...that she feeds on the seed of young men to grant her immortality and eternal youth. They say she is the most beautiful creature on earth...a rare and evil beauty. A woman and yet so much more than that. Her touch brings lustful ecstasy so divine, that no man can resist her. She climbs on top of men in the night and forces her hands upon them...stroking their cocks...sucking them until they spill their seed in her hungry mouth. But there is a price for their pleasure, for when they spill their seed their soul goes with it. The succubus takes their life force and the men become mindless empty dolls. There is no stopping her...and she will feed and feed again for all eternity.
xoxo Meana Wolf
Clip Contains: You wake in the night to the sound of a woman laughing...moaning with erotic pleasure. She appears before you, panting with desire. "I want your cock" she says...her voice is like music. You know what she know the price for sliding your hard cock inside her mouth. But you can't stop. One touch from the succubus and you are overcome with desire and lust. She edges you over and over and over again as she draws your life force closer and closer. Your soul belongs to her as she swallows your seed.
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