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Kelly Collins & Tiffany Tatum - 911 Please 1080p

Wild and passionate sex in the back of an ambulance of two possessed by     parasites chicks. Did you expect that an evening of two best friends could     end like this? Yes, my darlings, it can when one of the girlfriends is     madly in love with the other. So happened with Kelly Collins and Tiffany     Tatum. Since a while Kelly is in love with her best friend Tiffany.     However poor girl has no hope that her feelings are mutual. Kelly decides     for extreme methods. She asks for help from a witch. This nasty, ugly old     woman gives Kelly an alien parasite and promises her that this creature     will make her sexy friend to reciprocate Kelly's feelings.

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Kelly Collins & Tiffany Tatum - 911 Please 1080p.mp4

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