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Amirah Adara, Little Angel - The Insider 1080p


We proudly present one of the best movies so far! Watch this very special vore scene and witness as parasited cult members engage in a crazy lesbian orgy and then devour Little Angel as a ritualistic sacrifice for an alien entity.

Little Angel follows her fer friend to the secret hideout of the cult. Her friend warns her that she made a mistake and the cult's leader, Amirah Adara knows about it. In fact, she has already planned the perfect punishment for her. They enter the house where they meet their fellow cultists.

Amirah greets the members and begins to speak out the words of a dark evocation. After she evokes the entity, she commands the cult to offer their bodies to the otherworldly being. They are willing to do so and they let the parasites take over.

Immediately, they let their craving for pleasure take over and get into a crazy lesbian orgy. They are pleasing each other with so much intensity that their moaning echoes in the whole house. At the finalé of the wild orgy, Little Angel is ready to be sacrificed for the dark entity.

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