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Lexi Lore, Melody Marks KISS OF THE PARASITE 1080p

Lexi Lore is a famous scientist who specialises in biology. One day, she     receives a mysterious box with a dead alien parasite with a letter. The     letter is from Melody Marks who asks Lexi to bring this little creature     back to life - for which she will be rewarded generously in a few days.     Lexi gets to work right away.

After carefully studying the specimen she goes to sleep. She didn't know that she was going to have the wildest night of her life! The parasite's cells got into Lexi's body and they took over her mind and body. By the time Melo gets home, she can't control herself and jumps on her right away.

Melody is more than welcoming     for her parasited friend. She eats Lexi's pussy with so much passion that     her loud moaning fills the room. And Lexi doesn't hesitate either! Their     parasited orgy leaves both of them panting and covered in alien slime     after both of them cum!
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