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Blake Blossom, Kendra Sunderland, Natasha Nice - MAKE IT DIRTIER 1080p


Kendra Sunderland and Blake Blossom are a pair of interns who got tasked with cleaning their boss' huge vacation house from the top down. They're not happy with the job, it's not what they finished college for but at least they've got her credit card and the faster they finish, the earlier they can go to treat themselves.

They split to do the job faster, however, Blake's curiosity got the better of her. She found a terrarium with the top off, so she leans in to inspect it, and gets jumped by an alien parasite. It goes straight inside her mouth and takes control of her mind. Kendra goes to look for her once she finishes cleaning her side of the house, and gets surprised by frenzied Blake who starts kissing her and transfers the parasite over into Kendra's mouth.

The girls begin to     fuck each other's brains out like a pair of vixens, licking each other's     pussy and tits until they get interrupted. Their boss Natasha Nice has     come by only to find them fucking each other. She scares them off for a     moment, before the girls ambush and overpower Natasha, transfer the     parasite while licking her pussy, and turn the whole thing into a raging     lesbian threesome
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