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Hypno Dolls

Hypno Dolls
Hypno Dolls

In this Hypno Dolls video, a heavily pregnant Ashleigh McKenzie visits the doctor's office for a checkup on her progress. Little does she realise that the devious Doctor Lucas has been using his mind control methods to install subliminal mental commands in her unwitting brain!
Throughout the session, we see flashbacks to former training sessions in Ashleigh's mindscape where we discover to what ends the Doctor will go in order to amuse himself with his patients.
Any time he says "DOCTOR'S ORDERS" whatever command he gives next is accepted and obeyed unthinkingly. (After all, Doctor knows best.)
The word "GLOW" fills with feelings of warmth, pleasure...and arousal.
And upon hearing the word "PAUSE" she becomes a frozen and poseable pregnant doll, simply mindless, ornamental, and oblivious to time's passage.
The helpful doctor promotes a healthy degree of pride in her curvaceous body, perhaps a little too healthy as Ashleigh (at least when she has access to her mind) can’t seem to stop flashing or showing herself off. He also has her doing naked yoga, and switches her between blushing with embarrassment and outright exhibitionism. When she's stripped of her mental faculties, she makes a wonderful puppet, poseable plaything, and art-nude drawing model.
Please note, Hypno Dolls videos are scripted fantasy videos and contain no real mesmerism. In this case, as Ashleigh was genuinely pregnant, we kept things fantasy only.
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