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There and Back Again

There and Back Again
There and Back Again
Steve is Prof. Henessy's worst student ever. For one thing he never comes to class.
For another, he bothers her during her office hours! But he's been working on a revolutionary new device, and for the sake of science, he begs her to be his test subject. For the sake of science, she reluctantly agrees.
She tries on his "mind-reducing" headphones, but remains skeptical. Steve is able to reduce her mind to great effect, white out effect, that is. But can he restore it, and also restore her memories of the event? That's the greater
purpose of this experiment. Steve's theory: if he does something memorable to her while her mind is reduced,
she'll remeber it when her mind is restored. All the greatest of scientific theories were proven through trail and error...
...trail and error...
...until finally, success! (Nothing says success quite like a facial cumshot.)
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