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Harmony Wonder - Taste Test Field Experiment p1

Harmony Wonder - Taste Test Field Experiment p1
Harmony Wonder - Taste Test Field Experiment p1
Harmony Wonder is confused when her driver shows up and there's a bunch of stuff in his back seat. She just wants to get home so she hops in and they take off. Soon she finds her head spinning as she feels really good, her body tingles and she's really turned on by the driver. "Are you ok?" he asks. She snaps back to reality, something strange is happening. "Do you want me to pull over?" he asks and she nods. "I know a place" he says and she goes in and out of the most pleasurable feelings.
He helps her into a bed and she's starting to feel worse. Her head and stomach ache. "Where are we?" she asks. "My hotel room" he explains, "you aren't feeling well, but I can give you something. Suck on my fingers." She looks confused. Why is he holding up a camera? Why would sucking on his finger help? But once she puts it in her mouth its amazing. She giggles with delight as she takes him in her mouth. "Wait I should go home..." she says but collapses to the floor.  He gives her his fingers again and she eagerly sucks at them. She tries to resist but she needs to taste him so bad. "You want another taste?" she nods. "Beg for it". "Beg?" she asks unsure of herself. "Please sir can I taste your fingers?" He gives her what she needs.
"What about if you taste..." he starts to unbuckle his belt. She shakes her head, "that's just to much" she says and he pulls back. "I would never make you do something you didn't want to do" he says and waits. She lays her head in his lap, "maybe just a lick?"  He agrees, "just a lick". Soon she's on her knees taking every inch of his cock into her mouth. The more addicted she gets the more he commands. She strips for him. She crawls on the floor. She calls him master. She begs to be his pet. She'll do anything to have him in her mouth. Nothing else matters.
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